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Great West Institute is proud to sponsor the State Street Mural Project as a community arts project designed to empower grassroots leaders.  We are looking for local artists to collaborate with local school children and other groups to design the remaining wall space at Baxter’s, and ultimately on approved buildings along the State Street Corridor.

The duck is the first piece of the project and will soon be accompanied by a host of other creatures.  A dozen local artists will be selected to collaborate with local childrens classes and community groups  to design and create each of the twelve sections  (180 linear feet of wall space) on Baxter’s Cafe.    The designs will be judged primarily on the objective of engaging and empowering local children.  We will help facilitate the collaboration and design process.

Our vision is not merely for a more aesthetically pleasing State Street corridor; more importantly we believe that vibrant, safe, and sustainable neighborhoods can be created through partnerships with local grassroots leaders, artists, teachers, businesses and local government leaders.

If you are interested in participating, send a paragraph about your experience and interest in collaborating, as well as three low-res jpg’s of your work. Sketches and mural ideas also accepted.

Send inquiries to: duck@gr8west.org

Click here for a pdf version of the flyer.


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